Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Artist Relocation Program Meeting

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Economic Development - Fire Station 1 505 NE Monroe St

Agenda - Sculpture Walk Program - Sioux Falls - Possible program for Peoria

Our next meeting will be held to discuss the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Sculpture Walk Program. This is a very nice program where sculptors submit their work to the City. The City works with the sculptors to temporarily set the sculptures on the sidewalk in downtown. People come to see the sculptures. People can purchase the sculptures, and can also vote for their favorite sculpture, which the City then purchases and display permanently.

Michelle and Joe Richey and I have visited the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk, and it is a very nice asset and attraction to their the City. It might be a very good fit for us.
"Jim Clark" <
Jim.Clark@xcelenergy.com> 605 366 1265 worked on this program, and he is beginning a consulting program to try to expand the program. We will conduct a conference call with him, and discuss this as a possibility for Peoria.

I think our Riverfront would be an excellent choice, connecting back and around the future Museum and Caterpillar Visitor Center.

Please feel free to invite anyone who might be interested.
Craig, Great talking to you this morning and look forward to our conference call on Dec. 10th.

Jim Clark

Here is some information on SculptureWalk


We're going into our 6th year and have decided it would be a good time to develop Alliance Partnerships (franchises) in selected progressive communities in different parts of the country. Peoria is one of those communities. There may be 6 to 8 others spread out in the west, east, and south. This would establish SculptureWalk as the national premier sculpture program in the country and would attract more visitors than normal to the SculptureWalk communities to see the sculptures. SculptureWalk would be more of a destination point than it already is because of the national visibility and high quality image from show to show. And, there would be other advantages to the communities, for the artists, and visitors. I and others would help you through every aspect of the program to make it easy, to avoid problems, barriers, and risks, and to maintain the highest quality in your program over time. One of our goals in Sioux Falls is to improve the quality of the program every year. Our improvements would be also be yours and vice versa.
I can safely say everyone is happy with the program. I know that over our 5 year history not one of our city councilors have had even one complaint about the program.
During the summer months, during the week and on weekends, the downtown is full of SculptureWalkers with their brochures. We go through about 30,000 brochures during the summer. When the weather is nice, the rest of the year is also busy, including Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

We also have a sculpture lease program, and a 15 sculpture indoor program at Avera McKennan Hospital. You can view the hospital program on their website. I believe it shows up on the left side of the page.

I have attached artist testimonials and the sales and lease record. Over time many sculptures have been purchased and have gone to different sites around the community. This is another great aspect of the program.

The other testimonials I sent you are hard copy and I don't have a saved copy to send. You could fax to the others?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


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