Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Suzette Boulais
William Butler
Craig Hullinger
Doug Leunig
Scott Marshall
Jerry Nutt
Greg Rastaster
Sharon Reed
Michele Richey
Joe Richey
Janet Whitcomb
Mitch Williams

1. Introductions

2. Possible Arts District - Pros / Cons

The Committee discussed the possibility of creating an arts district. There is an advantage of having a focused arts district on the waterfront and near downtown. On the other hand, there are numerous artists outside of this area. The issue needs further discussion.

The team from the EDC retail committee is conducting a research project. They will identify the existing location of outside art and sculpture, and also identify the locations of artists.

The Committee noted that the ideas developed by the committee needed to be put into a plan. The input from artists need to be included.

The Paducah program was discussed. Their situation was much different than Peoria. Paducah is much smaller. Their arts district was primarily single family homes just south of the downtown. The city had acquired a number of empty homes. They sold the homes to artists for a $1.00. Local banks made large loans to the artists to rehab the buildings.

Much of the area occupied by artists in Peoria is in large loft buildings, many of them too large for an artist to buy and rehab. Joe and Michelle Richey noted that a coop of artists could be developed to purchase and rehab buildings.

All parties agreed that more marketing dollars were needed. Hullinger noted that we are in this for the long term – this budget year would be very tight, but future years may result in more marketing funds. He also noted that the City Council is very focused on helping the Heart of Peoria redevelop. This includes getting reinvestment in older neighborhoods, including artists.

The Committee discussed the possibility of including a guideline in the Comprehensive Plan calling for a 1% of the cost of construction of new commercial and industrial buildings to be devoted to public art. Janet Witcomb moved and Scott Marshall seconded a motion proposing to the Planning commission that they include a suggestion that companies provide 1% of the cost of construction of new commercial and industrial buildings to be devoted to public art. Unanimous. This proposal will be provided to the Planning Commission for their consideration.

3. Possible future major events - Discussion

The City of Peoria has a great internationally known slogan, “Does it Play in Peoria?”, but does not have an internationally known event. The Committee will consider the possible development of such an event, with an arts theme. The possibility of developing a series of plays based on the theme “Play in Peoria” was discussed.

4. Paducah Site Visit - 7:00 am City Hall Parking Lot - 5 hours to, 2 hours at Paducah,
5 hours back, return approximately 7:00 pm.

The Committee discussed several possible dates for the trip to Paducah. One group will travel to Paducah on a Friday, either September 26, or October 3 or 10. A second group may visit on a Saturday. The Paducah situation is much different then Peoria, nevertheless it is the best known program in the country.

5. RFP - for services to run Artist Relocation Program

Hullinger noted that Economic Development could issue an RFP for services to implement the Artist Relocation program. We can only devote $5,000 to this effort this year.

6. Incentives available


(These programs are complicated - research carefully)

– Search for Housing

For the Homebuyer

Down Payment assistance - Up to $10,000

Housing Rehabilitation in assistance – Up to $20,000

Contact Neighborhood Development,

Twin Towers, Room 402 309-494-8656

Federal Tax Credit - Up to $7,500

HUB Zone – Federal and Major Company preference

Enterprise Zone – No sales tax on building Material

Tax increment Financing–Future property taxes for development

Historic Tax Credits for rehabbing buildings older than 36 years

General Info

7. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be the trip to Paducah. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for 09:00 Wednesday on November 12, 2008 at the Lakeview Museum, where the Museum leadership will be asked to tell us about the current museum art programs, and the proposed new Museum.

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